Midnight Racing

Midnight Racing 1.31

Very basic 3D street racing game

Midnight Racing is a basic 3D racing game where you take control of "supercharged" cars tearing through the streets.

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  • Easy to pick up and play


  • Poor graphics
  • Poor sound
  • Handling isn't very realistic

Not bad

Midnight Racing is a basic 3D racing game where you take control of "supercharged" cars tearing through the streets.

Race the competition in your pimped ride

In Midnight Racing you take part in illegal street racing battles in order to win prize money which you can use to tune-up your car with and thus climb the rankings.

The first thing you'll notice are the rather basic graphics - Midnight Racing looks quite dated with buildings and scenery very generic throughout.

To win a race, you must drive through as many blue hooped checkpoints as possible around the course. Arrows at the top of the screen point the way you must go to find your next target and staying on course is very easy.

Customization options are very limited other than increasing the speed and look of your car.

Basic controls and handling

Handling the car is limited to steering left and right, and accelerating. There aren't many other drivers in a race, meaning once you've passed a few you're in the clear - providing you can meet the simple requirement of steering your car through the blue hoops.

Blocky graphics and limited sound effects

The audio is limited to a drum and bass soundtrack accompanied by some engine and braking effects. However, collisions seem to make no sound at all. In fact it seems to be impossible to smash-up your car, even if you drive it straight into a building.

Not exactly turbo charged

Although Midnight Racing claims to be supercharged, the reality is that it's very bare-bones driving game with underwhelming graphics. The cars don't handle realistically, and the sound effects are basic, making this one racing game best avoided.

3d street racing game.

3D street racing game. Street racers decided to face off again in illegal competitions in the night streets of the two cities. Street racing is all about charged cars with bright coloring and huge cast discs, maximum acceleration and crazy speeds, steep turns and performance tires screech. Participate in racing battles, win cars, tune cars and gain new victories.

High definition graphics, action packed gameplay, variety of gameplay features, 3-dimensional graphics, high performance, low file size, easy to play make this software different from other similar software on the market.

This software is meant for school pupils and teenagers, males and females, who love small games.

Midnight Racing


Midnight Racing 1.31

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